TM’s philosophy on relationships:

Hey guysss! It’s been a while since I dropped a blog post, been battling with mental health stability lately, but now I’m getting a hold of myself which means I can write again, I’m so excited🥰🥰💃🏽💃🏽. Hope you all are staying safe and taking the necessary precautions, I know most of us can’t wait to go out there and have some fun, at least I’m sure of this part of the world. I really can’t wait to go out and have some great chicken and few glasses of cocktail. I just miss things being normal. Enough said about the boring things, let’s kick off with the juicy ones!

TM’s philosophy on relationships: Never go into a relationship with the mindset of changing their lifestyle for your selfish reasons, vice versa.

I know how we all might see someone we like, though not what/ who we really need, or not who we would be with,, hence you feel like if you go into a relationship with this person, you can change them into what you want regardless of how they feel. Well, I’m here to tell you today that you’re nothing but a selfish person.

I am not saying change isn’t good when needed, don’t get me wrong, but changing them because so your friends or YOU can say some particular things about your spouse is EXTREMELY BAD AND SELFISH, you’re not dating a robot or an object that you just put reset factory settings on them. Dating or going into a relationship with someone is dating them for who they are, realizing their faults, making them understand their flaws, (some do not even realize that they have setbacks) also, and help them work to being a better person.

If one isn’t changing their spouse, they’re probably changing their lifestyle to suit their spouse, now that is one thing I don’t regard or appreciate about going into a relationship, and this highly conversant with the ladies; STOP CHANGING YOUR MODE OF LIFESTYLE TO SUIT YOUR SPOUSE IF IT DOESN’T SUIT YOU! I don’t know how much I can lay emphasis on this! I see some ladies doing the most just to please a man, knowing it’s not their way of life, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying do not please your man, or make him happy, but some ladies be doing the most, and it will end up being a disaster because it is not your way of life, the man you might be doing heaven and earth for might still cheat on you, so please make sure you’re having as much fun as you please or satisfy your man, the world becomes a happy place for you both.

One of beautiful things about being in a relationship with someone who has flaws(flaws that needs urgent attention, everyone has flaws, depending on the level it is on), is helping them realizing it, and making them a better person FOR THEM. When they gradually become better, they tend to want to do better for you, you become their uttermost treasure, they’d treat you like a king or queen that you are, make you happy at almost all the time, then you’d realize that you didn’t need to change them for you, but for them, so they can be happy for the better person they are gradually growing to become, and even IF! Just IF!! You both ever split they’d be a better person for the next spouse And for the world at large.

Most importantly, if you have tried to change them for them and they do not realize it, please do not go into a relationship or if you’re in it, please leave such situationship before it gets reallyyy toxic, trust me you do not want to be in an unhealthy relationship. 🤗🤗🤗

That would be all for today, I am so glad i was able write today, I feel soooo good writing today, and I’m sure you guys would feel as excited to read it. I’d be sure to write next week, make sure you read and share amongst friends! Byeeee! See you soon. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tm’s philosophy: Comparison in Relationships.

“Tm’s philosophy on relationships: Understanding that comparing a relationship to yours or comparing a random person to your partner is pathetically inadequate.”

I’ve read a whole lot things as regarding comparisons in relationships and all I can say is, with what I’ve read, heard, and seen it is quite devastating. Generally as a person, I hate being compared with another, It irritates my entire body system, most parents do this when it comes to their children, comparing one to the other, I clearly don’t understand if they don’t know that this thing they do isn’t helping, but only worsening the case, well a story for another day, let’s face the bone of contention for today.

In a relationship, it is always best to not juxtapose people or activities in your own courtship with another, this only brings insecurities, distrust, mental stress to you and your partner and it is most rampant in women!!! Mr A isn’t so boxed up, but does his best to get what Mrs A needs, yet doesn’t seem like enough to her because Mrs A had compared her relationship to that of (Mr and Mrs B). Who happens to be their friends (Mr&Mrs A). Mr B who is quite boxed up and lavishes well on his partner that even before Mrs B snaps her finger she gets whatever she wants, hence there is war in Mr and Mrs A’s relationship because Mrs A doesn’t see anything good about Mr A because he’s not buying her all the designers and stuffs like Mr B is doing for his beautiful spouse.

Now first of, women let’s get this into our head, No man, I repeat No man owes you anything !!!! Infact nobody owes you anything. Now to the men, this doesn’t mean that when you have enough, you don’t spend for your babe in a/the relationship, you don’t owe her anything doesn’t mean you should not make her feel happy as a woman, or rather as your woman. It’s is only a privilege when you see someone doing these things for you, and when they do, the least you can do is to appreciate them and motivate them, trust me they will want to do more. It is not by demanding like it is your right to be entitled to their resources. After getting this into your head, know that comparing your man to another, or comparing the activities in your relationship to another is just you destroying your relationship bit by bit, all by yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, men also compare their relationships to that of their friends, and sometimes it is annoying, but women are at the top of their game when it comes to comparing their relationships to that of their friends or even random people they have never seen, Not even knowing that it might not be as rosy as it looks on the outside.

Another thing you should note is comparing in relationships shows signs of a toxic relationship. Nobody wants bad vibes, I want to be in a relationship and be constantly happy even if it is hard but possible, rather than being in something whereby I begin doubting my sanity.

One last thing is, comparing in relationships makes the accused feel less of a person, where they start doubting their own abilities to being a better person. Not everyone can just handle comparisons as they come, some tend to breakdown mentally and emotionally because they will keep thinking about the things you said to them, and it can make them do the unexpected and silliest of things. “The words of thy mouth are so powerful that it can mould and destroy an individual, watch how you use it.”

I could keep going but it will be better I draw the blinds here. As usual I will be waiting for you in the comment section. Also I will be really glad if you could tell me areas of confusion as regarding anything related to relationships, lifestyle, I will be more than willing to talk about it. And if you want talk to me in private, still make use of the box for comments down below, I will be waiting. Try to share amongst friends and your partners, it JUST MIGHT be what they need.

Please remember, stay safe, stay fresh, stay clean and most importantly stay at home. ❤️❤️❤️

TM’s philosophy on relationships!!

We are back here with some extra spice from last week. I’m sure we all read the article from last week and understood some THINGS, and hopefully added spice to your day. I’m about to pen down classy opinions, be sure to “joff fings down”😂😂. Going through my views last week and I noticed I have got readers from different places around the world, and I’m pleased that you rate my work, and I’ll try my best to keep you here. Thanks a whole lot it means a lot ❤️❤️✨

TM’s philosophy on relationships: The power of choice before picking one’s partner is very momentous.

Going into a relationship, I’m sure most of us know it is not so good a thing to settle while picking a partner or a spouse,yet we still go for it. I will lay down reasons why settling is just a puddle of pessimism. Also would be giving three reasons today, and if by demand you want me to give more reasons then please kindly use the comment section box below, it helps when you do that.

One of the major reasons why settling for a partner is in all shades of wrong is, settling depicts fear. A person choosing to go for another that they “like just enough”is because they feel they won’t be able to find anyone who would love them just as much as one should, hence they settle for the one they can find. You are also scared that you might not be good enough to attract someone who is so worthy of you, or not good enough to attract someone who’s nuts for the real you. You are strong, you’re tough! You’re more than enough for anyone coming your way, your tough and you should not settle for anything less. Do not let fear make you take a long term decision that you might regret for a long time.

I Going into a relationship out of settling for a person just shows that you might just be pessimistic about your future. You fear that you won’t be able to meet someone who will adore for you. You have to believe that the right person is out there for you, you tremble in fear that you might not be worth it. Please get off these thoughts and try to be a dating optimist. Be positive about going into a relationship, be open minded, feel alive and the person who is worthy of you might just swing by.

Now, in my opinion, this has to be the most rampant reason yet the most annoying. Settling for partner out of loneliness!It is just funny how we know it’s not healthy and right to do so, yet we still choose to go for it. I mean it is totally understandable when one says they settle for someone else majorly to just quit being lonely, but what most of us don’t understand is you still get to be lonely sometimes in a relationship you settled for. Some are lucky to grow in love with such person, most times the case may not be so. You begin to question your decisions: why am I in this relationship? What did I even see in this person ? These questions begin to set in when you see things going astray. Look at the beautiful thing about not settling for someone,When you have issues with your partner, you understand from a perspective of love and you settle it in light. Trust me when the novelty of coupledom wears off, because it definitely will, you’re both stuck with each other. And I am sure you do not want to spend your quality time with someone you didn’t give your high-quality stamp approval to. Loneliness make you make terrible decisions, learn not to take steps based on your emotions, because you will be tested.

This is where it ends for today, I am sure after reading this, you should be able to understand one or two things, I’m sure it will do a few in your relationship life. I hope you have fun reading as much as I have had much fun writing this. Also whatever you want to know more about, and you need me to dissolve in writing you can hit the comment section as I said earlier on.

Remember to stay safe and clean, the virus is real, and one won’t come in contact with it once you’re home. Wash your hands properly and learn a few. Will be waiting to hear your thoughts as regards this. Have a great week ahead!❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨

TM’s philosophy on relationships!

Heyyy!!! Hope we’re all doing great and staying safe!!! Please wash your hands and stay indoors. ❤️❤️ I am sorry I have not been able to drop posts as much as Often but I will make amends! By the way have you read my last post? Trust me you should it’s quite fascinating. Today I would be talking about something a bit spicy.

TM’s philosophy on relationships: explore the sex life of you and yours.

In a relationship, one thing that drives and keeps it a sweet journey is the “SEX LIFE”. Now note that relationship isn’t based on how great your sexual life is, a relationship that will crumble will crumble into pieces. Sex is just one thing that spices it up. How great is your sex life in your relationship? This is a question you should ask your self. In relationship(dating, courting), how you please your spouse sexually is very key and specific. some say the best way to apologize to your spouse is via making out. Sometimes, just sometimes it actually works.

NOTE: It shouldn’t be an every time thing, because your spouse can get a wrong notion that you are just for the sex, be careful not to give the wrong impression.

Please dears!! People in relationships, KISS your spouse as often as you can !!! It is too important. It doesn’t have to be the French, a forehead kiss (guys like forehead kisses too) , a peck, or a kiss would slap in your relationship, or when you’re with someone who you’d end up being with. You do not have to wait till times where you both want to hit each other that you kiss them. Look into his/ her eyes and just kiss them, stop there and end it with words like “I’m happy I have you”. Trust me their heart would melt.

Another important thing is, EXPLORE the body of your partner. This is key when it comes to the sexual encounters☺️😌😂 I Mean how can you be in a relationship and not know your partner’s blindspot!?? How don’t you know what turns them on?? This might be explicit, but I hear some people say they don’t know why their spouse demands too much for HEAD(if you know what I mean) I mean how exactly would you know when you’ve not tried to find out what it does to them. Some just enjoy it, some don’t. This is where understanding comes in in a relationship. Find out how your partner likes it, slow or fast, hard or easy, do your home work. Most importantly it’s better you figure it yourself, asking your partner is quite a turn off. I know some will ask how do you figure it without asking? That’s quite easy. While in position, do different things all at once, I mean take it slow, fast, do a rise, fall, fall-rise, and rise-fall tone. They would definitely like one of them, try to ask if they like what you do, in a sexy ass tone, that shit turns people on, even if they choose not to say, because some people have coconut head, 💔😂😌their body and expressions will definitely tell you more than what they’d say say verbally. 😉

I think I’d draw the curtains today😌😌 I mean I want to go on!! But satisfying your cravings means you won’t crave till another millennium 😂💔. I hope these opinions of mine work for you, but I trust it to work at least a 85%. Remember they are just opinions that can work for you or not, but how can you tell if you don’t explore them? I will be back soon. Please read and share across, don’t be stingy with TM’s philosophies ! I’m more than enough to go round 👅😌. See you next time when I pen down another raw philosophy. Remember to stay safe and wash your hands. Byee❤️❤️✨✨✨

TM’s philosophy on relationships.

Our body, mind and soul is created to love either we fight it or not.

Hey guys!! It’s so good to be on here again. Dropped a post last weekend just to check up on my readers to update you on how things have been going. So today I’ll begin writing fully. 💃🏽💃🏽 so excited!!! My Philosophy will be on relationships.

TM’s philosophy on relationships: Love sells, our entire being is created to love, to be loved, and desire to love.

Most times I often hear people say: I don’t think love is real, I don’t think I can love someone, maybe love isn’t for me. It’s funny to me now because I always said this, and nothing was going to make me have second thoughts that what my intuitive says about love is not true. Then I asked my self, if love wasn’t in existence why do I love myself ? I mean if love doesn’t exist I shouldn’t take myself as a major priority, I shouldn’t care for myself, or even adore myself. If one doesn’t love or adore themselves, then such a person might be suffering from low self esteem. That’s a different ball game entirely so I won’t divert into that league today, maybe some other time.

Before one can actually love someone or be in love with someone, you have to first adore and cherish yourself, if you’re not able to tell yourself that you love you, then it’ll be a problem loving others, and that’s where the thought of you not being able to love comes in. We are all made to love one another, that’s why we have families. When questions like who do you adore most importantly in your life pops up,?most of us says FAMILY. if we were not made to love, if we were not made to cherish people and be cherished, we won’t have families! We will probably just ascend from heaven or from the sky. 😌😂

Why it is important to first have a relationship with oneself is because, In loving, you can’t give out feelings or emotions you don’t likely have. If you don’t know how to love yourself, how will you understand how to love others?

As humans we want to feel adored, cherished and cared for. That’s just how our bodies have been made and programmed. Love must always occur, no matter what, I mean love is a beautiful thing !!! Who doesn’t love love ? Maybe we always don’t know what love is, but love isn’t give and take, love isn’t if I’m not getting in return, I’m not reciprocating. Love is above all these things regardless.

How does love sell? How does love conquer all? Well I know most of us say love isn’t everything, well that I know, but love is the beginning of everything. Some of you say money is all you need to stay happy, that’s fine. But have you ever asked yourself why money comes first ? You know why ? Because you love it, and what occurred before making money you major priority, yourlovefor it. Love is the originator of it all.

Our entire being is made to love, be it an individual, group of persons, Material things and what have you. It’s mandatory that we know that love exists, we have to love, and we definitely be loved in return. Love doesn’t necessarily care who it goes to, you’re not in total control of who you’re to love, it just occurs, and if you think you’re always in control of who you love, ask yourself why we can’t choose our first set of friends, and loved ones (family). Love knows no boundaries. It’s mannerless, and regardless of it all it’s beautiful to love, to be loved, and to know what love is.

I could go on and on, but this is where I drop my pen today!!!! I hope we can learn from my own on perspective on LOVING. Remember, these philosophies are my opinions, you can choose to believe in them or not, but they are clearly not facts! And I can assure you that they are feasible opinions. I will see you guys at the end of the week with another sumptuous philosophy of mine. 😊😌☀️. Please make sure you comment after you read this one m, it goes a long wayyy… 🙏🏾😩 I always like to hear opinions from various people, we learn everyday, share amongst your friends, family and everyone around you, don’t be the only one who enjoys Tm’s philosophy 😊. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week ahead. People, Please stay safe, remember to always wash your hands and keep a clean environment. Coronavirus is real. Stay home and stay safe. ❤️❤️☺️☺️

TM’s philosophy!!!!

Hey guysss!!! It’s been over a year since I posted up on my blog. I’m so sorry for going MIA on you guys, things came up so I had to press halt on my blog but I’m fully back now !!! It feels so good to be here again, dropping my philosophies, ideas and opinions. I promise to give you as much blog posts as I can in this trying and dark times. I pray we get over this virus and go back to our normal lives. Coronavirus has got nothing on us, but please let’s stay safe and calm. Let’s take the necessary precautions, washing our hands regularly, keeping a clean environment, eat well and we will just be just fine. I love you all and I’ll drop a philosophy of mine as regarding to relationship on Monday. So please look forward to it, like Share, comment, and follow me up on instagram @tomiwa_faleye.

I love you all, please remember to stay safe. We will get through this together. ❤️❤️❤️

Tm’s philosophy!!!! On humans and their lifestyle.(assumptions)

Hi! Hi! It’s a another Saturday and you know what that means!!!! It’s a blog post day!! 💃🏾💃🏾And if you’re new, I am to gladly welcome you all ,so welcome to the family!! 💜💪🏾.

On today’s philosophy, we are discussing life and the humans that dwell in it.

Tm’s philosophy on humans and our lifestyle: we should not always base thoughts on assumptions, humans are not TELEPATHIC, we can’t read minds.

In writing my philosophies on lifestyle, I always get confused, and disturbed, because to define a human and how their lifestyle should go, is way too wide. We always feel like we can make conclusions based on our assumptions, and that we do not need clarification or whatsoever. Now, I’m not trying to be a religious fanatic, or trying to be a deep Christian, but even the Bible tells us : ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find. So why do we humans always decided to do things based on our assumptions? It’s just so crazy .🤦🏾🤷🏾

Taking it from this angle, you have issues with a friend, and this friend doesn’t even see it as a big deal, he/she just laughed it off, but you ,that you have two heads, you decided to carry it on your head and FEEL that your friend is still jealous and is still holding grudges, without you making sure if what you feel is true or not. You see how you make things difficult for only yourself, not for the person you have issues with, because the person we’re talking of here doesn’t even know that you have an heavy heart.

As humans, we should learn to communicate, communication is key! But this will be a story for another day. Learn to converse and always get the right version of the story, if you both don’t communicate, you’ll make drastic conclusions and decisions based on your thoughts.

Did you know that not getting the right details and making decisions based on thoughts can make you make many mistakes in life ? Like it can turn things upside-down, that you’ll be so confused and devastated? Taking it to a relationship setting, did you know make such conclusions can make you miss your desored partner for life? All these things are very little, but they go as far as determining if whatever you do will be good or bad.

As a human, or as a person, it doesn’t take you so much to make clarifications on things are lost about, or things you’re not sure of, learn to ask! Just ask! You won’t die, the floor won’t swallow you, you are obviously not perfect, so just ask. It helps, it really helps.

And here is where we draw the curtains for today!! And yes some persons don’t know my name which is still very surprising, I’m Tomiwa and I write Tm’s philosophy!! If you do need personal consultations, feel free to comment and if you have things I can talk about, also drop it In the comment section, like, view and share. Thank you, God bless, and I love you all!! ! See you soon. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💜💜

Relationships .. My philosophy on relationship for the week. Tm’s philosophy

hi people!! ! How are we all doing? Did you guys know I actually missed you, like a lot? My viewers are like my second family, I’m so glad to have y’all!! And if you are new here, welcome to the Tm’s family!! !

As you all know, my philosophy changes every week, it keeps going in a circular motion, and for this week, my philosophy will be based on relationships.

Tm’s philosophy on relationships :

In a relationship, do not and never compare your ex to your present spouse or your incoming partner.

Firstly? Why in the world would you compare your past situation to your present ? If your ex was such an amazing person ,why did you end the relationship? Why do you have to compare your ex to your present spouse? Now, according to my research, I came to a conclusion that most persons give the excuse like ” I just want my babe to be a better person. Like the hell??? If your ex was so awesome why did you leave him/her? Why are you not still that relationship ?

In general, humans don’t like being compared to others, it disgusts them, they become so frustrated and thinking they are not doing things right. Now talking about a relationship, You’re should under no circumstances compare your ex to your spouse I mean, he/she is everything your ex is not, better still, never bring up matters concerning your ex, it’s always boring, it is disturbing and disgusting . We don’t want to hear, we are tired. 🤧🤧🤧.

do you know there are reasons why it is not good to bring up your ex in a current relationship?

Firstly, it gives the impression that you’re not fully over your ex, and you’re using the present relationship you’re in to get over your past issues. You should not even get into a relationship because you’re lonely or because you miss being in a relationship, it’s just absurd, like how do y’all do it??🤷🏾🤷🏾 🤦🏾🤦🏾lol…

secondly, it might give the impression that you’re not actually in love with your spouse rather you just don’t want to be lonely.

Lastly, it creates insecurity in your relationship, your spouse starts to feel insecure about herself, you, and your relationship.

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful feeling, once things don’t work as planned and you end it and you jump into another, let your past be your past, let it stay there, if you keep comparing your other relationships to your present one, you’d be stuck, in your world, you’d feel like you’re moving forward, but you’re not, let all old things go and live in the present.

And that will be all for this week, so sad to go😥🤧🤧, how was last week’s post ? You felt it right? I hope you like today’s own though. Either ways, you all know how we do it, like, comment, share! ! Let’s grow and bring more people to the family, enjoy this blog post and expect the next one, till then, byyeee and see you next week!! I love y’all so much, and thanks for all you do.

Tm’s philosophy

welcome back to Tm’s philosophy!!!! and if you are new here you’re welcome to the family !

Tm’s philosophy of the day: you know your real friends when crisis come, and be to sure to remind them that, people fall and rise again.

First of, I don’t know what happened this week at Champions League round of 16 second leg, all the great teams lost, Real Madrid lost to Ajax 4-1, 🤷🏾🤷🏾 PSG lost to man utd 3-1 even Roma lost, am I the only confused person? Now let’s even pick Man Utd as an illustration, we All know that in the beginning of the season (EPL) Man Utd was trash! !! T-R-A-S-H!!! they lost the easiest of matches, and they even lost a lot of fans , I have some friends who left Man Utd because of how shitty they were, and I had some that was and is still with them. But now Man Utd is rising again.

Now relating it to life, there are some people who will leave you when things are difficult, when you’re having issues with life, when things are hard, but there are still some persons that’ll still have faith and believe in you, those are the friends you should never forget, those are the friends you should never neglect, because those people are the ones that will be with you through thick and thin. And when those friends that left you like they way some people left Man Utd, when they come back, because they’d definitely come, be sure to remind them that people fall and rise again. Surprisingly, Man Utd is still in the Champions League!!!🤷🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💃🏾💃🏾

That’s all for this week!!! See you next week, and please, please, please, don’t forget to like, view , comment and share! !! Thank you all so much, I love you all, see you next week. 💜💜💃🏾💃🏾